As a design company we strive constantly to innovate, experimenting with new ideas techniques and materials, our products are a result of those endeavors.

Our grate passion is to create exciting new designs and to find unique finishes, so you can always know you are choosing a product which will set you apart from the crowd.

Originality and attention to detail are our hallmark, but above all our service to you, our customer, remains our highest priority. We hope you call or email us with suggestions of how we might improve or just how much you enjoy the products we carefully made for you.

A Story for a Certain Few

It can be a tricky thing, inspiration
but we dare finding Inspiration in the most interesting of places

Witness a wondrous promise once again fulfilled by Urban Decors.

During the past years, a few things have held irreversibly true: we have made Urban Decors drapery hardware with utterly thoughtful craft, startling design, and an implicit respect for our individual customer. These ideas are entrenched in each and every one of us and in everything that we do.

Behind The Scenes

To The Trade

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