Terms & Conditions of Sale



  • Urban Decors reserves the right to refuse to sell to any party for any reason, including but not limited to credit reasons.
  • These Terms & Conditions of Sales governed all Customer sales order, quote, invoice or other written proposal of work of Urban Decors (the "Contractor"). Customer is defined to be a homeowner, designer or other contractor who has entered with Contractor to perform work. The Terms and Conditions are not transferrable or assignable.
  • Customer accounts are opened under the following terms: Payment Before Delivery (Proforma), Net 30 or Credit Card. Credit Card accounts give specific permission to Urban Decors LLC to charge credit card upon completion of order
  • On specific orders we may require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of manufacturing.
  • A $50.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks.
  • Late payments on a Net 30 account will cause the account to become Payment Before Delivery (Proforma), or Credit Card. A late fee of $20.00 PLUS 1.5% interest per month (18% per annum) will be added to all invoices not paid within 30 days.
  • Interest charges are applied on the 45th day from date of shipment.
  • Urban Decors reserves the right to review and change account terms at any time.
  • Any and all legal or collection costs that are incurred in curing past due accounts will be the sole responsibility of the customer and will be added to outstanding account balances.
  • All requests for credit on invoices that are priced incorrectly or contain other invoicing errors should be sent to Urban Decors in writing within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • These Terms & Conditions of Sale may be revised, amended, or replaced at any time at Urban Decors discretion.
  • All disputes relating to use or purchase on any products shall be brought in the state or federal courts residing in the State of Georgia, and you irrevocably consent to jurisdiction and venue in such location.


  • Due date listed on the sales order confirmation or given verbally by Customer Service indicates that the order will be shipped or ready for Will Call at the END of that business day.
  • Due to the nature of custom work, production times and material availability may vary. Please also be aware that holidays and busy seasons can affect production schedules.
  • Rush orders are accepted on a limited basis. These should be handled as an exception and not a rule. Rush orders may be refused for any reason whatsoever. Rush orders surcharges are: 1. 25% on orders shipped 8 working days from order receipt. 2. 50% on orders shipped 5 working days from order receipt.
  • Scheduled ship dates are based on production variables and are difficult to expedite. Any date changes will incur the change charge as delineated above
  • Nature of order will be taken into account when assigning scheduled ship dates.
  • All orders are shipped FOB warehouse. Delivery charges are to customer's account.
  • Shipping charges include handling and packaging charge.
  • Certain orders may require additional packaging and/or special handling, which will be an additional charge on the order.
  • A package and handling charge of $15.00/rod will be added to all custom traverse rods over 120” in length.


  • Due date listed on the sales order confirmation or given verbally by Customer Service indicates that the order will be ready for Will Call at the END of that business day. Please plan to pick up the order on the following business day.
  • Accounts with Payment Before Delivery (Proforma), or Credit Card Terms must pay for their Will Call orders in full at time of pick up.
  • Will Call orders not picked up after 4 weeks will be returned to inventory and will be subject to a 50% production fee.

ORDERS - New Orders

  • To ensure correct ordering information, we prefer that all orders be emailed or faxed.
  • Review orders for accuracy and completeness before sending.
  • Manufacturer's best judgment will prevail on order details not provided before processing an order.
  • Any errors or omissions are the customer's sole responsibility.
  • Verbal orders will NOT be accepted at any time.
  • Orders received by 12:00 Noon Eastern Time will be deemed to be received on that business day.
  • Incomplete or orders with questions will be deemed to be received on the date that all queries have been answered and the order is complete.
  • Duplicate orders sent and executed will be the customer's sole responsibility.
  • Urban Decors will attempt to email Order confirmation to customers within 72 hours of receipt of order.
  • Sales Tax will be charged on orders from Georgia customers not having a valid resale certificate on file

ORDERS - Order Changes/Revisions

  • All revisions and changes MUST be in writing, and should be submitted via fax or e-mail.
  • Customer changes and revisions will NOT be accepted after 5 working days from order receipt.
  • Changes and revisions on any rush order will not be accepted after 24 hours from order receipt.
  • There will be a $20.00 charge for customer changes received more than 48 hours after the original order.
  • There will be NO charge for changing shipping instructions up to the scheduled ship date.
  • There will be NO charge to add items to an order up to 2 working days from order receipt.
  • There will be NO charge for making changes that stem from clarification of orders.
  • Any changes or revisions may affect the shipping date.

ORDERS - Order Cancellations and Hold

  • Any orders cancelled or held beyond 48 hours of placing the order will be subject to a cancellation charge of $25.00 plus a 25% restocking fee. The same will be charged at 100% after 5 days.
  • Any custom items, such as cut rods or traverse rods, cannot be restocked and are NOT refundable.
  • Rush orders cannot be cancelled or put on hold.
  • All requests for order hold or cancellation must be sent in writing.


  • All work is to be performed according to our standards, knowledge and beliefs. We reserve the right to refuse any work or materials that doesn't conform to our standards, knowledge or beliefs.
  • When you place a custom order, you are generally paying for both a service and an item. Here's a breakdown of what this typically entails:
    1. Item: The physical product that is being customized according to your specifications. This could be anything from a custom piece of hardware, drapery, or shade.
    2. Service: The labor, expertise, and time required to create the custom item. This includes the design process, consultation, quotation, material sourcing, and any adjustments or modifications that need to be made to meet your specific requirements.
    - The final price you pay for a custom-made item usually includes both the cost of materials (the item) and the labor and expertise involved in the customization process (the service).
    Therefore made to order items like traverse rods and workroom related products are NOT returnable.


  • No product will be accepted for return without prior authorization. Please call your Customer Service Executive prior to returning any merchandise.
    1. The Customer Service Executive will issue a Return Authorization (RA) #.
    2. The RA # MUST be noted on all packages that are returned.
    3. If the return is due to Urban Decors error or omission, a call tag will be issued for picking up material to be returned.
    4. Shipping charges on all returns other than defective or damaged merchandise will be borne by the customer.
  • The customer will pay a 35% restocking fee.
  • Rings, standard brackets and finials will be accepted for return.
  • With the exception of defects and damages:
    1. Orders made to customer's specifications cannot be returned.
    2. Rods cut to customer's specification are NOT returnable.
    3. Made to order items like traverse rods (like The Loft, Element, IO and Metropolis) collections are NOT returnable.
    4. Wave Fold or ripplefold carriers and snap tape are NOT returnable.
    5.Discontinued and limited edition are considered final sale items and are not eligible for return.
  • On applicable items, credit for returns will be issued.
    1. Credit for restocked items is "on account" and will be applied against open invoices and/or future order. At no time will there be a cash/check/credit card refund.
  • No return request will be accepted after 30 days from invoice date.


  • Orders should be checked upon receipt.
    1. Any defective, missing or incompleted material or hardware should be reported within 48 hours to Urban Decors.
    2. Any missing packages should be reported to Urban Decors within 48 hours of receipt of order.
    3. Customer should refuse all packages that have visible damage or are open and may be missing items.
    4. Urban Decors will be responsible for any shipping related claims.
  • Urban Decors will repair or replace any defective merchandise at its sole discretion.
  • Urban Decors will be responsible for any freight charges to return defective merchandise.
    1. RA # and a Call Tag will be issued by the Customer Service.
  • If, upon examination, the merchandise is found to be NOT defective, the customer will be charged freight.
  • All orders are shipped FOB warehouse. Delivery charges are to customer's account.
  • Shipping charges include handling and packaging charge.
  • Certain orders may require additional packaging and/or special handling, which will be an additional charge on the order.
  • A package and handling charge of $15.00/rod will be added to all custom traverse rods over 120” in length.


  • 1. Wood finishes are done by hand and/or sprayed for each order, thus some variation in tone and appearance will occur. These are one-off items.
    2. Wood naturally adsorbs stain. The grain of the wood can result in the wood adsorbing the stain unevenly across the surface area. This means that some areas may appear darker than others depending on the wood grain. This variation is part of the inherent beauty of stain wood as opposed to painted wood.
    - Hardwood is very characterful and we cannot offer or guarantee any uniformity, tone or colour throughout the wood. It is the character of timber and not a defect. If you are not prepared to accept the variety of colours and grains found in wood, you should consider buying a different product.
    3. Finials, poles, brackets and rings each absorb stain differently, which means that a set of hardware will contain color variations driven by the wood grain of each piece.
  • All custom finishes will require a strike-off approved by the customer before the Urban Decors finishes the product. A onetime net charge of $35.00 will apply to the strike-off.
  • The lithographic color reproductions presented in the catalog or website may not accurately reflect the true tones, lusters and depths of the finishes. Please refer to finish samples (color selector) for a more accurate representation.


  • 1. Wood is a natural product that responds to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting. Sometimes these changes may be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product.
    2. Although every care is taken to ensure our products are able to handle temperature and humidity changes, the conditions of your home can affect the wooden products you buy from us. Your items can experience small movements and cracks as it adjusts - this is not a fault, but a natural occurrence within the fibres of a natural product. We advise you to keep the product in consistent, stable conditions to minimise the affects of temperature and moisture change in the atmosphere. For example, avoiding placing the product close to a heat sources such as a radiator or oven will go a long way to ensuring the longevity of the product.
    3. Hardwood is very characterful and we cannot offer or guarantee any uniformity, tone or colour throughout the wood. It is the character of timber and not a defect. If you are not prepared to accept the variety of colours and grains found in wood, you should consider buying a different product.


  • Urban Decors offers a standard limited warranty on merchandise to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • This warranty does NOT apply to normal wear and tear, damage from mishandling, abuse, exposure due to climatic conditions, or acts of God.
  • This warranty does NOT apply to any components or products sold by a third party.
  • This warranty specifically excludes any product that is used in an external environment, or any application other that what its intended for.
  • This warranty does not cover defects caused by installation that varies from the manufacturer's recommended instructions if such variance is necessitated by Customer's site conditions Further, any modification to products by anyone other than Urban Decors or an authorized agent will void this warranty.
  • All claims under this limited warranty must be made in writing to us within twenty-four (24) hours of discovery. The remedy provided under this limited warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the non-conforming part or parts of defective materials, which decision is vested in our sole discretion. Further, Customer shall allow Urban Decors the first opportunity to repair the alleged defective issue. Failure to give us the first opportunity shall void this limited warranty.
  • Limited Warranties for Custom Products. Unless a different written warranty is otherwise provided to Customer, all custom made Products to Customer's specifications are provided on an “as-is” basis with no warranty of any kind.
  • Limited Warranties for Services. All Services will be provided in a professional and workmanlike manner.


  • It is of the utmost importance that all Urban Decors products be installed properly.
  • As a courtesy we supply a set of fixing, screws and anchors for brackets and systems. These screws and wall anchors are designed to be used in wood and brick walls. We understand out systems may be used on a variety of materials; drywall aluminum and steel stud or lath and plaster. To properly secure a system onto these or other types of surfaces, appropriate fixings must be independently obtained. Assess your own wall construction and source the appropriate screw type.
  • For questions regarding securing products to a particular surface, please consult a professional.
  • Urban Decors will not be responsible nor liable under any circumstances for installation or any costs relating to installation, removal, or reinstallation. Urban Decors will only repair or replace any defective or damaged product.


  • Prompt Customer Inspection. Upon completion of the work, Customer agrees to exercise due diligence in inspecting the work for defective workmanship and materials, including but not limited to damaged or missing components. Customer will notify Urban Decors of any defect within forty-eight (48) hours of completion of work and will give Urban Decors the first opportunity to repair the defective work. Failure to notify us of a defect within 48 hours following completion of the work constitutes an acceptance of the work as complete and free from any defects. Further, failure to allow Urban Decors the first opportunity to repair the alleged defective work as contemplated in this Terms & Conditions of Sales shall void all warranties, express and implied hereunder. Customer agrees and recognizes that Customer shall not withhold any payments for alleged defective work. Urban Decors is not responsible for reimbursement for work performed by any other company or individual.


  • a. If conditions and/or circumstances are encountered at the job site which are concealed physical conditions, or unknown physical conditions of an unusual nature which differ materially from that which is visually ascertained, Customer accepts responsibility for such conditions and related circumstances outside the control of Contractor and Customer further agrees to pay for any labor or materials, including repair to damaged equipment of Contractor caused by such conditions and/or circumstances.
  • b. Unforeseen Conditions. It is the intent of this provision to make Customer responsible for all (1) unforeseen and concealed conditions, and (2) for that which Contractor cannot control. Accordingly, Customer further agrees to hold Contractor harmless and shall indemnify and defend Contractor and all of its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees, consequential damages, arising out or as a result from the performance of Contractor's work involving, affecting, or relating to such unforeseen or concealed conditions.
  • Additional Work: In the event Contractor performs any additional work not related to its original contract, Contractor will provide an additional charge for that work, and Customer agrees to promptly pay Contractor as outlined herein, for the additional work. Further, any changes made after any materials are ordered, is the sole responsibility of the Customer.


  • Urban Decors endeavors to provide accurate information in all of its Catalogs, Website and Price Lists. However, Urban Decors makes no express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever with respect to its Website, Catalog or the content. Urban Decors expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, with regard to its website, catalog or the content, and any product furnished or to be furnished via its website, catalog or the content. Urban Decors does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content, or that any errors in the content will be corrected. The website, catalog, and the content are provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. If you are dissatisfied with the website, the service, the content, or with the terms of use your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Website or Catalog.
  • Urban Decors, nor its affiliates, shall be liable for any direct, consequential, punitive, special, exemplary or incidental damages. Your exclusive remedy for claims (including breach of warranty, negligence and strict liability) is limited to having the option of replacement or repayment of the purchase price paid for the products which are the subject of the claim. Notwithstanding any language to the contrary contained in this agreement, Urban Decors liability to Customer shall not exceed the total of any payments made by Customer for goods and services provided.
  • Other than as set forth in Terms & Conditions of Sale, Urban Decors makes no warranties, either express or implied, and especially disclaims any implied warranties including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Urban Decors and its Contractors from any claim, demand, cause of action, suit, debt, account, controversy, administrative action, loss, damage, liability, obligation, cost, expense (including but not limited to attorney fees), or other action, investigation, or review taken by any professional organization, licensing board, third party payor, or other person against Contractor arising from, based on, or related to, any negligence by Customer or Customer's agents or unforeseen condition at the Customer's worksite. Customer shall reimburse Contractor for Contractor's reasonable costs and expenses within 15 days of receipt of any bill, including attorney fees, incurred directly as a result of any Customer's or Customer agent's negligence or unforeseen condition at Customer's worksite.
  • Services Not Covered. Contractor will not perform any other work or trade other than that which is specified herein, including but not limited to carpentry, electrical, plaster/wall work, tile work, landscaping, masonry, flooring, roofing, paving, etc., unless specified in writing. Nor will contractor do any painting or touch-up work to the jams where wood "trim" or wood stop molding must be removed in order to install the materials. Unless otherwise stated, paint, plaster, stucco, and landscaping are the responsibility of Customer.
  • Termination by Contractor. Warranties made in connection with this sale will not be effective if Urban Decors has determined, in its sole discretion that
    1.fraud and/or material misrepresentation by Customer, Customer's failure to make a payment required under this agreement, or Customer's failure to promptly pay for any goods and services, whether or not those goods and services are included under this agreement.
    2. Customer has breached its obligations of these Terms,
    3. Customer has sold, transferred, misused, or improperly installed, operated, maintained, or repaired the Products in any manner, 4. Customer has failed to use the Products in accordance with industry standards or practices. 5. Customer has failed to use, store or maintain the Products in accordance with instructions or operating guidelines, if any, furnished by Urban Decors or used the Products in combination with other products or software that Urban Decors has not approved
    6. such defects or failures arise from (i) neglect, accident or normal wear and tear, (ii) transport, repair, modification or installation by anyone other than Urban Decors or a third party authorized by Urban Decors, or (iii) the manufacture of Products pursuant to Buyer-provided specifications.
    Termination of this agreement by Urban Decors and its Contractors does not release Customer of any of its obligations hereunder. In its sole discretion, Contractor may withhold any prepaid amounts by Customer and offset same from any amounts owed by Customer to Urban Decors and its Contractor.


  • If a delinquent account is turned over for collection, Customer will be responsible for all costs of collection, including, but not limited to, collection agency fees, attorneys fees, and court costs. Any invoice not paid within thirty (30) days from the date due will be subject to a finance charge of eighteen percent (18%) per annum or the maximum rate allowed by law until paid.


  • THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE TRANSACTION THAT IS THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THIS AGREEMENT BEARS A REASONABLE RELATION TO THE STATE OF GEORGIA AND AGREE THAT THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA WILL GOVERN ALL RIGHTS AND DUTIES HEREUNDER, without regard to conflict of law principles. Unless prohibited by applicable law, Customer hereby submits itself to the jurisdiction of the courts of Gwinnett County, Georgia regarding any and all disputes arising from this transaction, and the Parties hereby designate Gwinnett County, Georgia as the place of performance and payment. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to this Contract.